Freedom for modern architecture

Reference Reinbeckhallen in Berlin

The Reinbeckhallen are a centre for contemporary art in Berlin-Oberschöneweide. In an approximately 400 m² large and up to 12 m high part of the hall, two houses were set up as a "house within a house" concept. On the one hand, the original character of the industrial hall was to remain tangible, on the other hand, the concept had pragmatic reasons for the establishment of different heating zones in winter.

Right from the start, great importance was attached to sustainability and pollutant-free building materials, and materials were chosen whose effect is a result of their material-specific feel and texture. The two houses were built in conventional timber frame construction on site. The external façades are covered with tongue-and-groove slats and clad with 22 mm thick clay panels. These are coated with a reinforced clay base coat and the black coloured top coat. Colouring of the clay is achieved through iron oxide; the surface is merely smoothed without further treatment. Clay panels and clay plaster not only create a healthy, pleasant room climate, but also contribute to balanced room acoustics.


Courtesy of Grubert Verhülsdonk, Architects,
Studio Merk & Mark, Berlin
Photographer Mark von Wardenburg

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