Install. Feel good.

Lemix® panels can be processed as easily as plasterboard in drywall construction. Despite their light-weight structure, they provide high storage capacity and regulate humidity. They are resistant to mould, odour-absorbing and offer extremely high sound insulation.

Clear conscience at the end.

The clay panels are particularly unproblematic at the end of their life cycle. While other building materials have to be disposed of as hazardous waste, Lemix® can simply be disassembled. The unfired clay can be reused, at any time and any number of times.

Lemix® is the first clay panel certified according to natureplus and meets all the technical requirements of the LEHM e.V. umbrella association. Lemix® of course also complies with the recently published DIN 18948 for clay boards. The ideal natural construction material for ecological drywall construction.

Einbauen. Wohlfühlen.

Ecological? Naturally!

Today, nothing works without sustainability

Everybody is talking about sustainability and Green Building. But what does that really mean? And how can we implement it? We can only do this if we completely understand the complex cycle of building and living and act accordingly.

Saving primary energy and reducing CO2 emissions - a top priority at bei Lemix®

We extract our raw materials gently and use energy efficiently. The clay is mined locally in the region, with short transport routes to the production facilities. Compared to other wall-building materials, very little energy is required to prepare and process the clay.

Lemix® neutralises air pollutants and absorbs odours

Clay absorbs pollutants dissolved in water vapour from the air. In your Lemix®-clad rooms you can take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of pure air.

Lemix® does not release any harmful gases

And what happens to building materials if they ever burn? It all depends on the material. Toxic gases are often released in fire. That is why smoke poisoning is so common. Lemix® is also special in this context. The natural building material is classified as non-flammable and does not release any harmful fumes.

In cooperation with the BUND Naturschutz (German environment protection organisation), we have created a new park for dragonflies at the edge of our clay pit. oekologie4
The extraction site for our raw materials is very close to the production site.
Lemix® clay panels are compostable and 100% recyclable.